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I would like to share a unique experience I and my partner had recently at, a session in a floating tank followed by a Holistic Body Treatment/Rainbow Chakra Sound Therapy.

Following the welcome, where Miriam connected and interacted with us, we moved into the massage room which was light with candles, music, fresh fruit and refreshments. A very relaxing and sensually stimulating room to be in.

First we went for the floating session. The water was body temperature and with the salinity, we floated in total darkness. Soft music was played for the first 30 min. to allow us to relax and go deep into ourselves without any noise from the outside or sensation from our bodies. The next 40 min there was complete silence which allowed the mind to travel as the only sensation was our energy that filled the tank.

I had never felt such peace and calm as I did in the floating tank. It also allowed me to feel the energy circulation in my body and to focus it. At the end of the 70 min, soft music started to play and I found it difficult to stand as my body was completely relaxed.

After a shower and some refreshments, we laid down on the massage tables and Miriam combined an intuitive Rainbow Chakra Sound Therapy with a Holistic Body Treatment. She worked on us simultanously and massaged/removed any tention that may have remained in us. It was amazing to experience the flow of energy and sensing the difference in energies in the body energy fields (chakras).

If you ever have the chance to visit Miriam at and book a session or Combi Journey, I can highly recommend it!

Thanks Miriam, I am truly grateful!