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  • Full Body Holistic Healing Massage
  • Deep relaxation, clarification and new insights
  • Increased awareness and inner peace

Holistic Body Treatment is a healing full body massage for you who wants to achieve deep relaxation in the body, mind and soul.
Through this intense encounter in you, you increase your inner peace and consciousness.
You also receive tips to maintain this relaxed state.

Holistic care meets you in the moment and helps you on your way to new, fresh insights.

The session takes place on a massage table and you are more lightly dressed.
Oil can be used in parts of your session.


1 hour: 800,- Dkr.
2 hours : 1.500,- Dkr.

Bring your bath towel.

All sessions can be booked by 2 people at the same time, ask for price

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