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In ancient cultures there are many forms of practice that can contribute to personal development: drumming, chanting, yoga, aromatherapy, massage and meditation include old spiritual practices that increase your consciousness and can also balance, relax and heal your body.

In Holistiskpleje (Holistic Care), you can combine the miracles that modern science provide and the old wisdom of consciousness-changing practices can give us.

Holistiskpleje offers the chance to combine several single holistic sessions (duo, triple and quatro) and create your combi journey.

Just what you need to be relaxed and healed in a society and life, which often puts us under pressure causing physical / mental stress and illness and lack of focus on well-being.


2 hour (duo): 1.500,- Dkr.
3 hours (triple) : 2.000,- Dkr.
4 hours (quatro): 2.500,- Dkr.

Bring your bath towel.

All sessions can be booked by 2 people at the same time, ask for price

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