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Holistic care has been sought after in our society, where we have become more aware that our health and well-being is linked to the prevention of pain, injury and burn outs and effective treatment of our entire body and soul, if the situation nevertheless arises.

Body, mind and soul belong together. Holistic care offers Holistic Bodywork, Breathwork, Sound healing, Water therapy and Combined Journeys.
They complement the traditional health care system and are deep sessions, based on solving tentions/blockages throughout your body, mind and soul.

These holistic sessions can be very intens and you may experience reactions such as joy, sadness, pain, relief etc.
This is natural and I allow you to express your reactions.
Holistic sessions can open up your energy channels and you can often experience that your life energy flows freely throughout your body.

Many people subsequently experience completely new ways of living their lifes, for example by being more present and have more awareness with oneself and others.
You can receive advice to maintain this state. This allows you to have long lasting flow and balance in your life.

All sessions are offered to men and women or couples (MW, MM, WW, friends, family, lovers etc.).

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