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Miriam’s passion for supporting people in their well-being and her interest in Holistic health care, brought her from her journey as a massage therapist, to open the doors to, where she combines her massage and meditation experiences with Holistic care.

Miriam is an educated sports teacher, physiotherapeutic sports masseur specialized in trigger point massage, relaxation, Holistic massage, dynamic meditation, sound therapy and water therapy.
Her background and experience as a body therapist leads to an intuitive connection and understanding of the body.

Her strengths are to reduce pain and increase mobility and relaxation.
By feeling into the body and applying wide, deep and slow pressures as well as stretches, she is able to initiate profound relaxation resulting in long lasting relief and well-being.

Miriam offers sustainable Holistic care / body therapy.
She can combine her offers in a personal session: a mixture of treatments tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
This allows her clients to develop a deeper connection with their own senses and core strengths.

Miriam regards Holistic Care as a way to live her life purpose.
She interprets it as a dance with life, a flowing movement of energy … to be in flow!
She is grateful for the freedom Holistic massage has given her and she massages with care and integrity.
With great technical ability and presence throughout the session, she helps to bring awareness to her clients and contribute in the healing process.
Miriam understands that we are constantly challenged both mentally and physically and takes her passion and knowledge into each session.

By introducing Holistic Care sessions, she is of service to help others achieve a better quality of life.
She offers her customers safe frames to receive Holistic care!


1 hour: 800,- Dkr.
2 hours : 1.500,- Dkr.

Bring your bath towel.

All sessions can be booked by 2 people at the same time, ask for price

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