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Water is the driving force of all nature as it gives essential energy and power in many ways to rejuvenate, also other than by drinking it.
Water therapy is considered as one of the best natural and holistic treatments in ancient cultures and it has nowadays become very popular to treat many tress relating conditions.
At, you can experience the healing force of water through Aromatic Baths.
Adding on natural Deep Breathing, you will be lead into a fantastic journey, where the water and breath support you in getting more awareness of when/where you are tense and tight and how to go about to dissolve it.
You can literally unwind and change the internal chemistry of your body through the awareness and deep relaxation, that Aromatic Baths provide.

  • Be able to calm your mind and emotions and reduce the experience of day to day stress
  • Overcome insomnia and have the skill to calm yourself back to sleep if insomnia reoccurs
  • Perform better – your ability to focus, improved memory, greater energy and resilience
  • Experience a lift out of negative emotions, restlessness and depression
  • See a restoration of your general level of energy and vitality
  • Experience meaningful and sustainable improvements with existing health issues
  • Rest in inner calm and clarity

Aromatic Bath

You don´t have to be lying on a sunny beach to relax and unwind.
Invite yourself into this Aromatic Bath, with Angel Wings and Palo Santo essential oils and detoxing Epsom salts that provide you with the deep healing rest that you have longed for.
Candles are lit, soft music played and the sounds and vibrations of singing bowls and bells make your truly relaxing retreat complete.
Palo Santo: with its sweet woody-balsamic scent, this holy oil helps focus in life and releaves nervous tentions.
Angel Wings: a fresh, airy and uplifting gragrance embracing the softness of a newborn baby and lifting you up from every days´ hurdles.
Epsom salt: helps to detoxify your body, relaxes the nervous system and increases circulation (flow); balances skin moisture and eases itchy, dry skin.

Every time the bell rings, an angel gets wings and you are taken deeper and higher into life´s flow!


1 hour: 800,- Dkr.
2 hours : 1.500,- Dkr.

Bring your bath towel.

All sessions can be booked by 2 people at the same time, ask for price

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