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At you can book a 2-3 day retreat, with the possibility of a Deep Healing retreat or a refreshing Wellness stay. Both models include sessions and activities that give you impressions, experiences and memories just to take home.

You can rest in your own room and participate in creative activities in other rooms.

The garden with a bright pavilion and surroundings offer a fresh relaxing moment or a walk/biking trip (bike for loan on site). At you have the opportunity to compose your own retreat, exactly with the contents you need!

  • Unplug, relax and recharge (Wellness)
  • Insert the plug, immerse yourself and manifest (Healing)

Practical information


2 days 3.000,-Dkr. all inclusive.
3 days 4.500,-Dkr. all inclusive.

Arrival day 1 at 10.00 o´clock and check out final day at 16.00 o´clock.

All sessions can be booked by 2 people at the same time, ask for price.

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