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  • A guided breathing journey, from outer to inner motion
  • All movement can be micro and macro, quiet and loud, strong and fragile
  • To see yourself in the mirror and beyond
  • To be guided into your inner core and balance
  • To rest in natural deep Peace
  • To make your breathwork Mandala drawing

I, the “sitter” am available to assist you, the “breather” in this Holistic Breathwork Session.
With your eyes closed, lying on a mat, you use your own breath and the rooms music, to enter a non-ordinary state of consiousness.
This will lead you to an inner meeting and healing process of your psyche, a unique set of internal experiences.
There will be space for energy release work.

Finally, there will be an integration practise.
You will after the Holistic Breathwork Session, meditate on your experience and find a way to express what happened to you in a Mandala Drawing.

There is no previous experience required for your Holistic Breathwork Session.


1 hour: 800,- Dkr.
2 hours : 1.500,- Dkr.

Bring your bath towel.

All sessions can be booked by 2 people at the same time, ask for price

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